3 Tips to Get Your Business Noticed on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and share creative ideas.
— Pinterest

I love Pinterest. Considering the company was only launched 6 years ago (2010), it's hard to believe what personal and business life was like before this helpful tool existed. Pinterest has become a go-to resource for gathering and organizing creative ideas, enabling users the ability to create organized boards, filter through inspiration and even get connected with other people and businesses. The platform has grown exponentially in recent years, with over 100 million monthly active users (Venture Beat) and counting. With more and more people jumping on, the platform continues to grow, evolve and structure many of it's features directly to business owners (which is great news). If you own a business and you're anything like me, you probably use Pinterest to seek inspiration from others, rather than being the inspiration for others. If so, it's time to switch things up and start using Pinterest in a way that could boost your customer traffic and get your business noticed in new ways.

I will admit, my mindset towards Pinterest now is much different than it was in the beginning. I am more aware of what it truly has to offer for my company and I am consistently trying to learn better ways to utilize this valuable tool. Recently, I began to notice an increase of traffic and interaction towards Letter Lodge. After a little research and reviewing my analytics, I came to conclusion that Pinterest was the source. So what was it that helped increased a growing following and even a client or two *specifically*? There isn't hard core evidence, but I've put together my top 3 suggestions that I believe have made a big difference for Letter Lodge and might work for you:

1. Switch your account from Personal to Business.

If you haven't done so already, consider switching your personal account to Pinterest for Business. I made this switch about one year ago and noticed a positive difference in audience interaction within a month. By switching to a business account, Pinterest enables you the ability to put your company name and website upfront and center for your followers to see. Instead of having my personal name "Sierra Johnson" as my username, it then became my company name, "Letter Lodge." Unless you are striving for a personal brand image, this feature is really helpful because it gives your business a professional company presence online and allows your audience to look at you the same way.

Create a business account on Pinterest convert from personal to business account

Make sure you've completed these things when converting to a business account:

  • Add Business Name
  • Add Website - This step is optional, but I recommend you take advantage of this field. Pinterest turns your website into a clickable link taking users to the homepage of your website. Make sure your site is verified in order for this feature to work.
  • Add Business Location - This field is optional too. Once again, I recommend utilizing this field to help your pins and business profile come up in local search results.
  • Utilize your company's "About Me" box - I find it helpful to include extra information about my company in the "about me" box (located at the top of your profile page). A few thing you could try to include are: a brief description about your company, mission statement, contact (phone / email), social media links or anything unique to your business. More often than not, when another user visits your profile, they will read your profile box to see what you do - make sure you write something that is brief but reflects your business personality.

2. Upload an Eye-catching Profile Image (Logo or Headshot)

Your profile image may not seem important - but it is. This image appears at the top of your profile page AND on every image you pin and share with the public. Each time you pin is an equal opportunity to display your company logo/image for other users to see (sort of like advertising but in the smallest free way possible). By having a distinct profile image that reflects your company personality can be a leading factor to gaining your target audience, gaining more traffic to your profile page, and ultimately more traffic to your website (which is the goal).

For me, I found my logo design worked best. However, Pinterest restricts all profile images to a small circle, causing the entire title "Letter Lodge" to not fit. If this is your case too, this is a great opportunity to use an alternate logo. Many times, when I design alternate logos for my clients - I always consider how they look in social platforms (like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) making sure they are distinct and recognizable from a distant.

using pinterest for business www.letterlodge.com

As mentioned before, your profile image will appear at the bottom of every pin you share. If the image was pinned directly from your website, it should link back to the original source (on your website) when clicked on. If the image was uploaded directly to Pinterest, make sure you include the source link in the "edit" image mode. Any images (that you own) and share on Pinterest, should link back to your business in some way or another. It's common for images to have 'dead links' - causing users to pin images over and over again, without knowing the original source. We don't want this to happen to ourselves, so go back and make sure your photos are properly credited and linked.

3. Interact and Pin A LOT

This may seem obvious, but if you are new to Pinterest, high interaction on Pinterest is essential to gaining growth and brand awareness. In order to get your pins noticed, you have to be active. This includes liking, posting, commenting and being proactive with other users. Once a few people re-pin your image, it has a higher probability of being seen and re-pinned by other users. It seems simple, but for me, it was the simple things that made the biggest difference. Although Pinterest offers other ways for your business to get noticed like promoted pins, Letter Lodge hasn't opted for these bonus services, just quite yet (although we're eager to see what this could do for us in the future).

Overall, whether you're new to Pinterest or currently active, please feel free to use and apply these simple tips to help get your business noticed and growing.

Share your Pinterest username below and let me know if you found these tips to be helpful. Do you have any advice that has helped your business grow through Pinterest? Please share - we'd love to know!