Kati Nicole

Based in Portland, Oregon, wedding and elopement photographer, Kati Nicole, approached Letter Lodge seeking a rebrand that wouldn't distract from her photography but compliment it through minimal and balanced elements. Using her initials 'K' and 'N' — we were able to create a unique iconic symbol suitable for stamps, watermarks, packaging, and more. Her color palette includes subtle shades of gray, which compliment the the light yet shadowed tones she captures in many of her love pieces. Overall, her editorial style and the modernized elements of her brand create an elevated yet organic brand.

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The Mood Board   |   minimal, light, subdued, balanced

  The Mood Board:  minimal, light, subdued, balanced

Primary Logo & brand Elements

Kati Nicole Photography Wedding and Elopement Photographer Portland Oregon Branding Logo Design Graphic Design by Letter Lodge Design House White Minimal Modern Simple Clean Lifestyle Blogger Fashion Editorial Designer.jpg
Final Board.jpg

"What I valued most was her ability to give me her opinion as a designer on the aspects of the different logos she had created and what she thought about the changes I had wanted to make. Overall I love what she created!  I think the brand as a whole is exactly what I was looking for; modern and cohesive."