Ryder Wolfe

Ryder Wolfe is a grooming brand for all bearded men. All of their oils are hand-poured products, containing natural and organic blends of carrier oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and environmentally answered for packaging. When approaching Letter Lodge, RW was seeking a simple and versatile logo that would stand for years to come. Our result was a black & white logo,with sharp angles, and the ability to be eye-pleasing on packaging or web.

location Queensland, AU location Logo & Packaging

ryder wolfe logo design by letter lodge.jpeg

"Sierra is and will continue to be my go-to designer. Her designing is truly unique, she had help me get my business off the ground, with a full brand. I have truly appreciated the level of communication, and the very quick turnaround. As I'm located in Australia, I feel as though I can write anything to her and she can create a very awesome vision. I have adored working with her because she cares for what you want, putting in time, dedication and exceptional quality." — Sarah, Ryder Wolfe